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Key FOBs

What is a FOB and why can it help me and my business?

A FOB is a remote keyless system that is designed to remotely permit or deny access to premises or automobiles. Keyless FOB systems operate by broadcasting radio waves on an encrypted frequencies which is programmed to allow access to only those that are permitted. The greatest thing about the key FOB is that it is one of the smallest proximity keyless entry and very convenient. The Key FOB is a small access control device that attaches to your car keys. Key FOBS are very useful for building entrances where the user usually has their keys in their hands, and it is one click and you can enter. If there are multiple secure areas within the building transmitters and readers can allow access by using one to four button control. Key Fobs have restricted frequency codes that are unique to your business or community, it has a lifetime warranty, and can be put on your key ring, worn or even put in your wallet. ASI offers its clients the most recent and reliable technology in the marketplace. ASI integrates, installs, maintains and updates the complete secure FOB access control solution for its customers.

Key FOBS are mainly used for the following:

  • Gated Single family homes
  • Gated Private Residence
  • Access Control for fleets of vehicles
  • Single entry business

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