Access Cards

Contactless Technology: Access Control Cards and Key Products

Access Specialties has over 25 years of specializing in keyless entry systems, security and access control. Whether you’re a business with concerns of protecting and improving operations, or someone who is just fed up with keys, ASI is equipped to help you find your ideal keyless entry system where access cards and other credentials are primary to the functionality of the system. We partner with the industries’ most secure and powerful manufacturers of credentials that we can offer all types of cards for any size application.

  • Traditional Proximity 125kHz Technology
  • Mobile Credentials – use your smartphone
  • 13.mHz Contactless Smart Card Technology
  • Clamshell-style cards for more durable applications
  • Graphics Quality, ISO cards for direct card printing
  • Convenient Keyfob or Keytag credentials for carrying on a keychain
  • Complex, Multi-technology cards for businesses with multiple locations and reader sytles
  • Custom Artwork Cards, personalized with company logos and other graphics
  • Barium Ferrite, Mag Stripe and Active Tag Technologies
  • Long Range Transmitters for distances up to 75 feet

Access Specialties International is the favorite choice for keyless entry and security. Our goal is to give you the most cost effective prices and we back that up with unparalleled service and support. Here are a few of our major partners…

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