Multi-Functional Panels

For over 25 years Access Specialties has been manufacturing electronic access control systems based on the latest technology and unsurpassed quality hardware devices.  With our industry-leading Lifetime Warranty on our manufactured panels, rigorous testing procedures and commitment to quality control, you can count on Access Specialties products and know that the proof is in the performance.  Access Specialties offers several types of hardware panels from single-door IP Controllers, multi-door network panels to legacy large-scale intelligent controllers that work in conjunction with our various access control software platforms.

UP-2000 Universal Panel:

UPgroupThe UP 2000 Universal Panel is a powerful, flexible panel that can make all access control decisions and store transactions independently of its host software, the Access Security Integrator software application. Intelligent features make this control panel a powerful solution for any system and it supports virtually all card technologies.

  • Supports TCP/IP, RS232 direct or dial-up communications
  • Supports up to 8 directly-connected card readers and options for user-definable input/output control
  • Four types of expansion modules are supported:
  • DW-2 Dual Wiegand Module – provides support for up to 2 separate card readers
  • MCM-168 Monitor Control Module – provides up to 16 user-definable inputs and 8 user-definable outputs
  • CM-16 Control Module – provides up to 16 user-definable output points
  • MM-32 Monitoring Module – provides up to 32 user-definable inputs

Size: 12 ¼” x 14 ¼” x 4 ¼”
Power Requirements: 12VDC, 4A linear
Operating Temperature: -40C to +75C
Power Cord: 9 ft.
Computer Interface Cables: 6 ft. null modem cable, 9-pin

IC-1600 Intelligent Controller:

ICHardwareThe IC-1600 Intelligent Controller works in conjunction with the Access Security Integrator software platform and provides support for up to 16 directly connected devices (over 100 if multiplexed).  This unique panel is ideal for large, sprawling facilities as it can communicate with the field devices and card readers that are up to 2 miles away. It stores up to 30,000 cardholders or transactions and supports virtually all card reader technologies.

The IC-1600 Intelligent Controller has a UL294 listing and supports the following hardware devices:

  • CE-1600 Channel Expander – expands one channel’s ability to support up to 16 additional devices
  • CC-165Contact Center – provides up to 16 user-definable inputs and 5 user-definable outputs
  • RI-120 Reader Interface Board – provides support for one card reader complete with door status, request-to-exit,  go and shunt relays and one additional user-definable input
  • RI130 Reader Interface Board – provides all the functionality of the RI-120 plus 13 extra user-definable inputs, one extra user-definable output point and advanced degraded-mode buffering for up to 15,000 transactions
  • ECM-10/20 Elevator Control Module – provides floor-by-floor access control for up to 20 floors

Size: 12 1/4″ x 14 1/4″ x 4 1/4″
Power Requirements: 115VAC @ 60 Hz, 1A or 230VAC @ 50/60 Hz, .5A
Operating Temperature: -40°C to +75°C
Power Cord: 9 ft.
Computer Interface Cables: 9 ft.

Aero, Edge and VertX Hardware Devices:

edge-evo-hi-o-interface-moduleHID’s IP-enabled product family brings intelligence to the door and utilizes business’ existing investments.  These versatile, powerful devices are available as a single-door POE-enabled controller with the Edge and multi-door controller with the VertX line.  Focal Point also supports the Aero hardware line and is backwards compatible supporting all controllers with one system. Because of standard CAT5 network drops to the controllers, installation costs are typically much lower and the fixed per door cost makes it easy to budget for and expand.

Aero X1100 Data Sheet Aero-X1100-controller-data sheet

Aero X100 Data Sheet Aero-X100-controller-data sheet

EdgePlus EVO Data Sheet Focal Point Data Sheet_415

VertX EVO Data Sheet VertX V1000 Data Sheet

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