Are you tired of individually programming your controllers or having to perform multiple steps to get all of your activity and reports? Focal Point is the solution to help you manage all of your controllers from one central location.

Many companies typically start out by managing their access control with a single door stand-alone solution. However as they grow and expand their access control, it becomes burdensome to individually manage each Solo unit. Even if you only have one or two controllers, Focal Point offers many additional benefits that help make your system more efficient and productive at a very economical price.

Discover a better way!

  • Instantly lockdown and control all devices with one command
  • Centrally manage card holder permissions from one database
  • Create custom, powerful reports for all readers with an easy-to-use Report Generator.
  • See all transaction activity from one screen and also view a dynamic display of the status (locked or unlocked) of all doors
  • Advanced features include email/text responses to predefined activity (such as door props after hours, wrong location attempts, alarm routing and more
  • Set up one-time future commands for unique access requirements such as special deliveries, meetings, etc.
  • Unlimited workstations at no extra cost

To take advantage of all of these special features requires just a simple firmware upgrade to your Solo controller. Access Specialties can help convert your Solo controllers to host-based and you can use all of your existing investments. Contact us today to see how we can immediately enhance your access control. 1-800-332-1013


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