Focal Point

Focal Point

Focal Point: an innovative IP-based access control system

For security access Focal Point is an innovative IP-based access control system that is simple, cost-effective and scalable. This flexible access control system supports HID’s Edge and VertX Product lines featuring POE support with standard CAT-5/6 cabling for low cost installations. Now physical security and IT can leverage existing technology and share budgets to make incorporating electronic security easy and affordable…especially with no per seat license fees.

You will see user-friendly graphics, large icons and can easily navigate through the software to manage who can go when and where. Advanced features such as building automation commands, email response to user-definable activity (say someone props a door open after hours) and customizable reports make this access control system ideal for even the most demanding security environments. Additional features such as user-definable input and output control also make it useful for monitoring for alarms and controlling peripheral systems such as air and lighting control.

Any HID Edge Solo device can be upgraded to support central control and reporting through Focal Point.  Integrated Photo ID and Badging is now an option for all Focal Point IP-based access control systems.  Contact us today for more information or to schedule an online demo of the software.

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IP-Based Access Control System

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